EVA Holding

In today’s modern world, which has been affected by various technological developments, our cultural identity and our ancestor’s values can easily be forgotten.

Therefore, We face a difficult challenge to strike a balance between our morals on which our ancestors were raised and the social impacts pressures on the other side.

Therefore, we believe that the right step is to take care of our heritage to consolidate strong bonds with our core values and principles that our old lineage has adhered to generation after the other.

Eva Holding Company developed through social, commercial investment and innovative business projects, and embodies a range of ethics based on integrity, transparency and mutual respect, also the company seeking to achieve its vision by develop the capabilities of its employees, empower the Saudi society, In line with the approach and vision of our country leaders.

Thanks to God, and the well-established reputation, and faultless mission. Eva Holding aspires to gain the fruitful results by adhering the integrity standards and Islamic principles to achieving its objectives in various fields of investment.